Onkel is right dude


Selling a new Flint Japan series deck, never been used. comes with stickers. I’ll throw in some other fingerboard stickers as well. Message me if interested. (US ONLY)

  • 33.5x97mm
  • silkscreen graphic
  • walnut top ply


Hi guys, I got some blue translucent dislocation board rails that I don’t use anymore. Unfortunately 6 (?) screws fell out and dissappeared in a black hole (i.e. my carpet), I might put a sock over my vacuum cleaner and look for them BUT I won’t use them anyway.

Anybody interested in trading something for these (not used) dislocations board rails. I will put a link so you can see what rails I mean:

My IG is @albelgiki so you can write me there.

Some things I would accept: teak tuning, FBS tape, the new prete deck 6010 (that’s a joke of course, but if you really want to, I wouldn’t decline :smiley: ) or anything that could be of use to a newer fingerboarder.