New Zhartzfinga setup


Post anywhere. Thank you


Aha, right onn :slight_smile: :v:


This Rock is a legendary rock from my town which was used for the roads in my city Loznica like from the beginning of construction of the road back in the years I wasn’t born at all. It was the best and strongest streets which can stay there forever because they are like indestructible, but of course, you couldn’t ride the skateboard wheels on this roads…
In the period between 2004th and 2007, this roads with this rocks are have been broken and these rocks were taken out!
I found this one near the river Drina and it’s going to be my new fingerboard obsticle :smile: :sunny: :metal: :v: :raised_hands::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


New wodden obsticles i found on the road to forrest randomly on some wood yard…
There are also and this beautiful shrooms for decorating my fingerboard park :sunny: :v:


You need to sign up to instagram, my man :grin:


I have the Instagram but only Windows mode, I don’t use the androids and never have one…
Btw here is it :slight_smile: :sunny:


Iv been in forest searching for shroomies and find a beautiful rock,new shroom,some yellow flovers and a early chestnut for decorating my fingerpark :ear_of_rice::footprints::lizard::leaves::ballot_box_with_check: