Mail call


Mail day, new CatfishBBQ


I know this is irrelevant but I got a g15 and a berlinwood deck from from flatface like a month ago and the g15 didnt come with a piece of tape and berlinwoods piece of tape was mad short like wouldnt cover the deck lol


The 3rd Tech5 Blade showed up yesterday! Thanks @McFiver !!!


Latest Skowood to arrive


Just got my @Arty1fb Dumpster and I’m so pumped! This thing is amazing! Great artwork.


Extremely excited for my ATX drive way box. I really like the way it feels like a real box from when I was young.


Sick! Mine is coming any day now


MAIL CALL !! :fire:


I got a set of White LSD Wheels today


Nice! Let us know how they are! I’ve been wanting to try a set so badly. Lol


This is my second set, they are unlike anything you have tried… Literally the second you roll the first time you know they are different. They are unreasonably smooth, it’s unreal.