London, UK


Hey guys,
I moved to London three years ago, knowing that Pete lives here as well but I haven’t met anyone further yet. Let me know, if you’re out there and maybe we can organize a little meetup anytime soon.
Also invite friends to the forum, if they aren’t a part yet.
Thanks guys and I’m looking forward to meet you.

ps: Anyone else from the UK is welcome too of course.


Hello! Which part you live in?
Im currently studying and up in manchester, but londons my home im there regularly
Couple mad outside spots i know too
Just me and my friend rory around who i know of, lets meet up :grin::grin:


@Rthecruz that sounds great. I live in Putney at the moment. Let me know, when you’re around and then we can arrange something!


Sweet defo man, real excited!
Putneys sick im based in peckham which is near, good shit :wink:


Yo, through Instagram and various events in the UK i have met loads of UK fingerboarders (most of which are not on FFI currently) and some live in London.
@mrbollietrucks and @cass.fb on insta live in London. I live in Cardiff but i know people in Devon, Newcastle, Birmingham, Essex, Bristol, Swansea. I will try to get them onto FFI to organise something.


Yes yes thats sick to hear


@Rthecruz Oh hey there sonny jim, you forgot someone :wink:

Hello, I’m also in the UK, London based. I’m deffo down for a meet up, nice to see we have more than just a few lads doing it here.