Introduce Yourself!


heyo im joe. im from CT and ive been fingerboarding since 2008. i had an account on the old ffi but never posted, and i use to be active on fbhq before it became a ghosttown. im glad ffi is back up and running! im already seeing some familiar faces from real life and insta on here :ok_hand: my insta is the same as my username so check it out if you want to see me post clips every 10 years or so lol. im stoked to now be apart of another realm in the fb world :metal:


Hey y’all I’m jordan. I live in Minnesota and I got my first fingerboard in 2007 and it’s been a on and off on going hobby since then


Welcome to ffi bro :facepunch::black_heart:


Hi, I’m Xi from Beijing.

I started fingerboarding from around 2000 with a non-TD plastic fingerboard.

I was part of FFI before, and was just leaving home to go to university, but I needed my home PC with the DV interface card to be able to capture video from my MiniDV tapes so I didn’t really post much (HAHA REMEMBER TAPES?) I got myself a Berlinwood, Substance wheels and Arctic tuning (still have this setup in good condition) but couldn’t really contribute much so I was deleted.

One day, I found FingerboardHQ and found an event in Manchester UK. Despite knowing no one in the online scene at the time, fingerboarding was such a strong passion I turned up anyway and made loads of cool friends. The UK scene was seriously awesome. Love you guys.

The first event just made my love for fingerboarding even greater than before and I started to get hyped and posted some new videos. For the first time, I had a little acknowledgement from peers and many respected fingerboarders. I still think it’s hilarious I got sponsored without having a digital HD camcorder, but I have full gratitude to Close Up for all their support. Also, thanks to Bart Dewulf - I will pay you back, dude!

After that, I’ve dipped in and out of many online fingerboard communities over the years, and although I had an account on the new FFI a while ago, I’ve been a bit busy and just got round to posting now. Even though my online activity has sometimes fallen off, I’ve never stopped fingerboarding. I haven’t really been on Instagram either but might make a new account if I have the time.


I remember you Og bastard!


@cdplaya0 i speak to Travis once a month, dudes still the coolest - he’s really into music production so if you want him to response kind of promptly then mention something like that heehee