How do you guys make your cement ramps


Hey this is guys for the guys that have homemade concrete jersey barriers and stuff.

What did you guys use to make your mold? I want to make a few cement barriers and a couple other ledge types.


I recently started making cement fingerboard ramps and have already sold a few.
For my cement fingerboard ramps i just use different plastic cases as the mold. It works super good!


I have made a few manual pads out of a latex bread loaf mold that turned out great.


I have a manual pad I’ve made. Im trying to think of ways to make a kink ledge and a few other obstacles.

Maybe if I use Styrofoam as a mold


You can make a latex mold out of just about anything. You could for example sculpt an obstacle out of clay, cast a mold, and make it that way. If you’re good with woodworking you could make a mold out of plywood. If you come up with anything good let us know!


I like the clay idea


I’m currently trying to make a silicone mold out of a wooden brick. Still shaping the wood though. Will update.


If you know how to model up stuff in any 3d modeling software, you can get any mold printed out. Cardboard and packing tape served me well for one-time obstacles.


Anyone buy a mold from gator fingerboards? Like the ones that come with the mix too


I’ve been mulling it over. I likely will next week.


Im currently working on a clay model that ill make a latex mold out of. Ill make a full tutorial post on my process when I’m done.