Hi guys!

I’ve spaced on posting in this thread for a while, but here we go.

I’m the owner of Cartwheels and have been since 2015. In the last year I’ve worked hard to create a wheel that’s a little different! My wheels have 2 cores in each wheel which can both be different colours. The bearing is centralized so you run the wheels either way round and they can look totally different!

Each wheel has 2 bearings and go great on TDLB and Ytrucks!

Check out the site today @



I’ve tried them on a friends setup And I was blown away by how different these feels from any other company out there ! Great research and originality . If only the canadian dollar wasnt that poor !




Hey Simon,
nice to see you on the Forum!
Love your wheels! Cant wait to get in touch with the Single Bearing Version :slight_smile: <3 <3


I’ve really been enjoying my set! Before that I wasnt using my setup with the Y-trucks and now I’m using it a lot!